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About County Donuts

County Donuts is a Mom & Pop shop that has been serving the Schaumburg community since 2007. We make all of our fresh donuts in house! We also sell a variety of Muffins, Scones, Cookies, & other delicious pastries that are made from scratch daily. From our cake donuts, our yeast donuts, our icing, chocolate, some of our fillings such as vanilla cream and chocolate cream is made from scratch.

The dough is formed, rolled-out every day, twice a day, then turned into various shapes: long johns, round donuts that will be eventually be filled, or just the standard rings with our secret in-house Vanilla, Strawberry, & Chocolate frosting.

Even Steve Dolinsky, the “Hungry Hound”, has visited our location and rated us a “must-stop shop for the freshest donuts in Schaumburg area!” Our ultimate goal is to continue providing our customers with the freshest donuts possible with the highest quality ingredients.